Why Brocl?

We have more than 2000 online stores with cashback, 100 000 coupons and more than 1 000 000 products where you can get cashback up to 50%. We have the awesome referral program which allows you to get cashback from your friends and from friends of friends. It's very awesome opportunity which allows you to get money more than from your own purchases

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Joom Shop

Joom Shop

saw a lot of advertising this store. decided and downloaded the application. guys, this is super! if the first order is made within a week after downloading, then you are returned to 90% of the cashback! and the prices are very low. now I sit all in anticipation, I'm waiting for the huge number of parcels to come

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You can earn at once in two ways, when you write a review:

Firstly, you receive a cashback from users who made a purchase from your review link

Secondly, reviews are published in Blockchain, which allows you to receive money for likes, comments and views. Look how much other users have earned!